Atomic WhoIs Explorer

The current version of the program is capable of retrieving email addresses and other contacts for domain name administrators or owners. In addition, it can retrieve website expiration dates.
To start using Atomic WhoIs Explorer, simply enter websites or domain names that you’re interested in, and click Start.

Multithread mode is available in this program, allowing the user to explore domains at an impressive speed��"several hundred contacts per minute!

When your search is completed and the list of domain owners' email addresses and other contacts is prepared, Atomic WhoIs Explorer suggests saving them as a file, in Windows Clipboard, or in MS Excel/Word.

What is a WHOIS database?

WHOIS is a virtual storage place for registration information about the owners of Internet domains. This data contains the name and email address of the individual or company that has registered a domain, as well as contact information��"like name and address��"of persons responsible for solving

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System Requirements Windows XP/7/8
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