Proxy Multiply proxy extractor

Proxy Multiply begins by pulling fresh proxies from a list of nearly 300 daily updated websites that post proxy lists. If you're thinking, "Isn't there already software that scrapes websites for fresh proxies?", the answer is yes. However, Proxy Multiply goes a step further....

After Proxy Multiply scrapes proxies from all of those websites, you now have at least 10,000 proxies in the program. Once you have proxies in the program, Proxy Multiply goes in to 'search mode'. Proxy Multiply will then use those 10,000 proxies to search Google for more fresh lists of proxies!

To illustrate how this works, go to Alive Proxy and grab a proxy. Now go to Google and search the internet for that proxy. What do you get? Pages upon pages of more proxy lists, which are mostly recent and of similar type that your proxy was. If you searched using an anonymous proxy or a high anonymous elite proxy as your search term, chances are you will find more anonymous or high elite anonymous proxies, res

Price 59.00$
Operating System Support Windows 8, Win7 x64, Win7 x32, WinXP
System Requirements Windows XP/7/8
Program Type Shareware (59.00$ USD)
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