Knowledge NoteBook -for students: improve note taking, organization, study skills, comprehension

Smart Note Taking - Automatic organization of notes.

Easy View & Search - Easy access to notes, help in finding specific note content

Periodical Review by Subject or Tag - Easy notes retrieval and review

Support Multimedia Content - Enhances comprehension and learning while keeping notes all in one place

Flash Card Creation - Rote Memorization

Notes Association - Improve retention; generates insights; helps to understand subject matter.

Concept Mapping - Improve comprehension by visualizing key ideas and points and their inter-relationships.

Utilization of Online Resources - Expands knowledge of note content

Exams/Finals Preparation - A condensed version of textbook using your own words. A step closer to great grades!
Knowledge Notebook helps you to simplify learningwith recording, organizing, understanding, and remembering knowledge and information!

Assessment Engine -  It informs you if you've learned course material immediately


Price 25.00$
Operating System Support Windows 8, Win7 x64, Win7 x32, WinVista, WinXP, Mac OS X
Program Type Commercial (25.00$ USD)
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