Rank Tracker Professional

Wanna see your site on page one in Google, drive floods of traffic and increase conversions on your site? Here you go: Rank Tracker the most recognized and trusted solution in the market of SEO tools! Meet the leading-edge keyword tracker and keyword suggestion tool which lets you check rankings completely on auto-pilot and get fresh and accurate information with one mouse-click. Let's have a closer look at what Rank Tracker actually does and why over 200,000 real SEO profs continue to achieve top rankings for their keywords with this nifty tool.

-Track rankings accurately and seamlessly in 346 search engines;

-Save rankings history, compare old and new stats and monitor your progress over time;

-Schedule tasks and run them automatically on a set date and time;

-Make use of 19 different keyword research methods and find the most profitable and traffic-generating keywords to optimize your site for;

-Calculate keyword efficiency index for each and every keyword.

More to that, Rank Tracker is laced with a comprehensive set of assets to give you the biggest picture when it comes to search engine rankings. To name a few here:

-Monitoring competitor's rankings and comparing them with yours side-by-side, so that you are always aware whom you already outranked and who is still ranking higher.

-Checking rankings as if from different countries of the world, which means you can obtain non-personalized ranking data and boost your international SEO efforts. -Tracking your rankings in any Google's Universal Search Results blocks - Images, Videos, News, Shopping, and this allows your site to benefit from blended search results too.

-Making sure only the right landing pages rank for your keywords, so that you can control that only the right pages appear in search results. -And many, many more! Why wait? Just download Rank Tracker and try it out! 30-day money back guarantee applies and the free version is available!

Price 124.00$
Operating System Support Windows 10, Windows 8
System Requirements Java Runtime Environment 1.6+
Program Version 7.2.6 (2015-04-24)
Program Type Shareware (124.00$ USD)
Program Language English, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish
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